Don’t miss Osaka Aquarium

We were in Osaka for the first time, and only for 4 nights. My list of things to do and see was jam-packed with everything from Dotonbori and Doguya-suji to Osaka Castle and Umeda Sky Building. Then, there was a day trip to Hiroshima (about that later). Osaka Aquarium or ‘Kaiyukan’, although enjoying glowing write-ups in tourist guides, was somehow….not Japanese enough?

In the end, we decided on going, partly because ocean is my husband’s big big love.

I can happily report that Osaka Aquarium not only lived up to the reviews, but utterly suprised, delighted and mesmerised. It was that good!

Manta rays, sharks, seals, dolphins, King penguins, mysterious species from Amazonian rivers, turtles…and a real whale shark.  The neigbourhood of Osaka Bay is very modern and is home to a number of attractions, so a trip to the aquarium can become a complete day out.

The aqua gate at the entrance - gives you a little sample of the wonders inside

Osaka Aquarium aqua gate


To get there: Take Chuo subway line and get off at Osakako (Osaka Port) station, for details read here.         

Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m 

Admission Fees: Adults (16 years +) – 2,000 Yen, Children (7-16 years) – 900 Yen, Children (4-6) – 400 Yen
Check out the website for details of special exhibitions and tours: 

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One Response to Don’t miss Osaka Aquarium

  1. Wow, the aquarium looks absolutely amazing. The animals’ enclosures/tanks look so much like their natural habitat, and yet the enclosures are so well placed that you can see all the underwater creatures in detail. It is really a great Japanese attraction.

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