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Review of Kikunoi Roan – a classic Kyoto kaiseki

Australia’s favourite chef Tetsuya Wakuda named Kikunoi as one of the top kaiseki restaurants, so I kept his recommendation in mind when going through the Osaka-Kyoto Michelin guide. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered that there were two branches of … Continue reading

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What is REALLY happening in Japan?

I must admit I have been getting very, very worried. From a number of sources, I am hearing that not only Tōhoku area (northeastern part of the island Honshu) should be avoided in the immediate future, but it’s long term fate … Continue reading

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Japan – to go or not to go?

There have been so many terrible news out of Japan, people are starting to associate this beautiful place with nothing more than natural disasters, radiation, danger. I thought it would be essential to remind people that Japan is relatively vast, … Continue reading

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Fifty Samurai

While the world sleeps, eats, shops and fights, 50 nameless people are battling to save it. Dubbed ‘Fukushima 50’,  the group of volunteers is selflessly facing escalating health and survival risks as they fight to prevent the nuclear catastrophe on a scale not seen since … Continue reading

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The lights are out in Tokyo, Japan

A well-written, first hand account of the earthquake written by the American expat girl living in Tokyo.     She provides a wonderful summary of information links at the end of the post – really nothing to add… via The lights are … Continue reading

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Help Japan

When I first saw this picture, I was perceptually disoriented: were those toy planes and cars, remnants of a toy store? It took a couple of seconds to register that what I was seeing was the sheer brutality of nature, man-made … Continue reading

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Designing your first Japanese itinerary

I’ve been reading lots of travel and food blogs related to Japan so it seems like everyone in the world knows everything about Japan, Japanese food and especially Japanese travel. I had to remind myself that when I started travelling … Continue reading

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