Where to find Mont Blanc cake in Sydney – all revealed!

Not so long ago, I wrote about Japan’s most popular cake – my favourite cake! – Mont Blanc. To my surprise, this has become the most popular post in the short history of Plan Japan.  What do you know, people just want cake!

I mentioned that I found one place that sold Mont Blanc in Sydney, and now I am about to reveal it.

Fans of Mont Blanc cake – run, don’t walk, to Azuma Patisserie.

Chef Kimitaka Azuma, of the Azuma restaurant’s fame, opened a café/patisserie serving Japanese desserts and drinks with his wife Yuki Azuma. She could not find her homeland favourite, strawberry shortcake, in Sydney, and Kimitaka was also missing Japanese balance of flavours. Thus, the husband and wife duo opened their fifth business next to another new venture, Azuma Kyushiyaki at Regent Place.

This time, I come to the patisserie alone and get some takeaway cakes. Mont Blanc tart and Green Tea tart, please!

As you can see on the photo below, this Mont Blanc cake is quite different to the Japanese version I described in the previous post. It is a tart, so it is a short crust base, rather than a sponge one. Still, the chestnut  puree covering a mound of cream tastes like the real deal! Ideally, I would like the tart a little crumblier, but the moist layer of sweetened chestnuts at the bottom is a winner.

Green Tea tart – the short crust pastry is paler, but very crumbly. The filling is white chocolate flavoured quite intensely with green tea.

If you decide to enjoy a few treats inside, there is a an excellent choice of Japanese teas to choose from (my favourite is genmaicha) as well a very unusual green tea cappucino.

Another specialty is Shiffon cake, the tall sponge cake flavoured with black sesame, honey, chocolate…While I remain unmoved by their charms of airy lightness, a friend of mine found them to be extremely good. To my disappointment, shiffon cake has replaced rice mochi they once served. I hope they will bring them back!

Azuma Patisserie

Ground floor, Regent Place,

501 George Street, 9267 7701.

Mon-Sat, 12-10pm; Sun, 1-8pm.

Web: http://www.azuma.com.au/cafe/home.php

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4 Responses to Where to find Mont Blanc cake in Sydney – all revealed!

  1. I like the selection of Japanese Green Tea. I am always on the look out for quality Japanese Green Tea and the cakes don’t look too bad either.

    Japan Australia

    • Plan Japan says:

      You know where to go on your next visit to Sydney then! 🙂 Cakes indeed don’t look too bad, I think I will go for that Green Tea swiss roll next time I am there:)

  2. I love Azuma Patisserie 😀 their chiffon cakes are the best!

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