I am a seasoned Japanophile. Once upon a time, I majored in Japanese at uni and spent a year in Tokyo as an exchange student.
Back then, I lived in Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East – aka one hour on a plane to Tokyo which made knowing Japanese extremely useful.

Life intervened, I moved to Australia and for a number of years, that knowledge laid dormant.
Three years ago, I planned a trip to my old homeland to introduce my boyfriend (now husband) to his prospective parents-in-law. We made our way to the snow-swept Russia via Tokyo. Lo and behold, I fell in love with Tokyo all over again. The old cliches – manic energy of Tokyo, neon lights and the best food on Earth – still all held true. Most amazingly, it was still as impenetrably foreign and alien as I remembered it, and as avant-garde as ever. I felt like shouting from the skyscraper rooftops: “I am back, lover!”.

We went back again next year, and then again, each time for a longer and better planed trip. My husband is a fan now too. On this blog, I will offer ‘insider’ tips on planning Japanese travel and attempt to make travel off the beaten path more accessible.  I have a particular interest in Japanese food, restaurants, so if you are a foodie, this blog is for you too.


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