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If you have noticed absence of new posts over the past week, don’t despair! I have no plans to abandon my blog. In fact, I’ve been working hard to redevelop it, making it easier to access old articles and search … Continue reading

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Sushi Nagashima – the best cheap sushi in Sydney. And the most authentic!

Did you know there are 200,000 restaurants in Tokyo? A lot of them are very, very good. Tokyo has the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants in a single city. But the greatest joy about eating Japanese in Japan is … Continue reading

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Where to find Mont Blanc cake in Sydney – all revealed!

Not so long ago, I wrote about Japan’s most popular cake – my favourite cake! – Mont Blanc. To my surprise, this has become the most popular post in the short history of Plan Japan.  What do you know, people … Continue reading

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Fujiya 1935 – 2 Michelin star Osaka restaurant

We were lucky to get a booking in Fujiya 1935, for a night that fell on our 2 year wedding anniversary. I was browsing Michelin guide for a somewhat ‘molecular’ restaurant in Osaka, and Fujiya 1935 jumped out at me. Chef Tetsuya Fujiwara opened his restaurant in … Continue reading

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Kyushu Trip Part II – a Day in Nagasaki

So, dear readers, here’s what we did on our second day in Kyushu. I wrote about the first one here. Getting to Nagasaki To continue our bold last-minute dash across the island of Kyushu, we decided on a day trip … Continue reading

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Mont Blanc – most popular cake in Japan

When I lived in Japan, I fell in love with Mont Blanc.  Not of the French Alps variety, but a dish that was adapted from (still French) Mont-Blanc aux marrons, a dessert of puréed, sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream. A … Continue reading

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Kyushu Trip Part I – Things You Didn’t Know About Fukuoka

First, great news! From World Tourism Organisation: Travel to Japan poses no risk. However, today I’d like to share a little bit more about my travel experiences in the southern island of Kyushu. I had previously written that for those … Continue reading

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The twin disaster is changing the cultural landscape

Large scale disasters have a tendency to sear themselves into the collective psyche. Even smaller, localised disasters – natural or man-made – have a potential to  leave long-lasting tracks in the national cultural landscape. People in the impacted areas continue to live in … Continue reading

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Foreign teachers stay in Tohoku + Coolest Charity to donate to

“Flyjin” is new term that has been coined to describe foreign residents in Japan – gaijin – fleeing the country after the disaster. I cannot blame them for choosing the safest possible option, I would probably do the same. Yet, today … Continue reading

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Review of Kikunoi Roan – a classic Kyoto kaiseki

Australia’s favourite chef Tetsuya Wakuda named Kikunoi as one of the top kaiseki restaurants, so I kept his recommendation in mind when going through the Osaka-Kyoto Michelin guide. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered that there were two branches of … Continue reading

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